Kaksama knock back

Kuksa, shot cup 

Size: 12cm x 7cm x 4cm

Volume: 0.5dl

Material: Birch burl, reindeer leather lace, birch wood

Kuksa is a wooden cup made of birch burl. Traditionally the Sámi people did not carve any holes to the handle. Instead, it was shaped as a "rod" so that it was easier to use in the cold weathers with your gloves on.

Kuksa is a great example of perfect design developed during the time. Shape and material keep the drink warm and cup does not transfer the warmth away and therefore does not burn your lips or hands either.

These cups are made for use and with proper care it will last from one lifetime to the next generation. It is a ecological choice for plastic cups, it is made from renewable material and there is no need for any washing agent to keep it clean.

39.90 €
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