In the heart of the sami land, Northernmost parts of Finnish Lapland locates Kaksama. This small lake surrounded by old pine forests has been essential place of living for centuries. For us it was natural choice to name our company after it as it is home for us as it has been to our ancestors. Kaksama Craft Gallery is all about passion, heart and soul. In our workshop the traditional materials like wood, bone, leather merges with sami culture and for the respect of the nature around. Reindeer antlers, birch and numerous materials turns into beautiful items for good moments of life. Practicality and our family traditions guides us to design products that serve modern day needs.

Jan-Eerik & Hannele Paadar

A couple, designers, artisans the ones that delivers your goods. We are combined by passion to develope, shape and use articles and materials that our ancestors have used. We have been full-time artisans since 2004 when our first workshop opened. We fulfil each other with perfect balance of practice and artistic. In our free time we often find ourselves enjoying outdoors and woodcraft together with our children.



Our workshop is all about natural materials suchs as birch, leather and elk antlers. Our main material is reindeer antler which is ecological and renewable material.

 Both male and female reindeer grow new pair of antlers annually. Reindeer antler is the fastest growing bone material in the world and it might grow up to 2cm per day.

Reindeer calf starts to grow its first antlers right after the birth and by autumn it usually has antlers 20cm in length.

One can't tell the age of the reindeer by the antlers, but through the years the natural size of the antler gets smaller.

During the summer time when the antlers grow they are covered with velvet skin. In early autumn when the antlers reach the full size and the tissue has hardened into bone the reindeer rubs the velvet skin off by scraping it against to tree trunk.

Autumn is the rutting time for the reindeer. Big males are competing each other and fighting with their antlers. Right after the mating season the males lose their antlers and they fall of to the ground. Female reindeer drops its antlers after the calving in the late spring time. 

Fallen reindeer antlers are excellent material for hand craft. It is suitable for jewellery, knife handles few to mention.